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Aoshtai Wiki differentiates between two kinds of lore:

  • World Lore consists the hard-and-fast rules and systems of our universe. These rules are consistent across all stories and places and must be abided by if your creation is to be considered canon. 
  • Private Lore is the fiction written by individual authors and may be as elaborate, complex, and involved as any author may like. However, it may not break the rules of world lore. Rules or plot devices which are employed in one writer's fiction may be used in those of others, but they are not binding.

This distinction exists to help new users join our community by limiting the amount of lore they have to read before contributing in full, while at the same time providing existing contributors with as much creative freedom as possible.

In this article, you will find information about important lore topics which are relevant to our world.


Main article: Aegis Cluster

An Aoshanti male, circa 54 AR. It is not required that every place and every story tie back to the ancient lore of the Aoshanti. They are there to provide history and background that is there if individual authors wish to use them.

Aoshtai Wiki is set in the Aegis Cluster, a fictional region of space containing many named and unnamed galaxies. Its political and economic center is the massive Aoshtai Galaxy. In years past, the cluster was explored and travelled by the mighty Aoshanti Empire, led by a race of Avian humanoids who worshipped the goddess Rhya, the galactic soul of their home galaxy. Over their 60,000 years in existence, their power rose and fell; they built great roads and cities and embarked on great campaigns; they made treaties and grand alliances; they left a mark on the known world.

What happened to their empire, how and why it fell, still remains shrouded in mystery. Records show a gradual decline followed by an abrupt fall after the Empire's fabled Army of the Light disappeared. But what is clear is that the Aegis Cluster owes much to the "Ancient Empire," "Ancients," "Precursors," "The Ones Who Came Before." In the realms of language, law, culture, philosophy, and religion, their influence can still be felt in the present day.

Since the fall of the old empire, the old certainties that underpinned intergalactic life have fallen into shambles. Though many have tried to recreate the empire from similar materials, nobody has managed to recapture the essence of what made it great.

Faster-than-light Travel & Communication

Main Article: Quantum Breach Drive

The peoples of the Aoshtai Wiki travel interstellar distances by accessing a plane of reality known as Etherspace. Distances within this realm equate to significantly smaller distances in the material plane, allowing ships within it to effectively move faster than light.

Access to the Plane is achieved by the use of a Quantum Breach Drive, which uses an immense amount of power to temporarily tear open a point in spacetime through which the ship can enter Etheric Space. The Etheric Plane is known by several names, with it being commonly known as hyperspace by many cultures, and Akurinar among the Aoshanti. Quantum Breach Drives are sometimes referred to as hyperdrives.

Communications and data transmission across systems also make use of the Plane, using various buoys and relay stations to redirect transmissions across interstellar distances. While transmissions travel much faster than starships through the Plane, they are not instantaneous. Near-instant communication and data transfer to nearby star systems is generally possible, however transmission times across a good-sized country may take an hour or two, and sending messages across a galaxy may take several days.

Canon Species

Below are a list of Canon species, meaning that they are a shared part of the lore and may be used by anybody for any purpose, so long as it doesn't contravene existing lore.


The Throneborne

  • Creator: Community
  • Homeworld: Lessos
  • Affiliation: Many
  • Spacefaring: assumed 40,000's AR
  • Cultural Characteristics: Mystical · Disciplined · Ambitious

The Aoshanti are charismatic avians who originally developed on the planet Lessos. Communal and hierarchical by nature, these feathered beings form strong bonds with one-another, with their societies, and with forces at work in the galaxy. The depths of Aoshanti feeling and meaning ascribed to such things as family, tradition, fate, authority, responsibility, the exercise of power, and so on, are difficult to fathom for other races.

It is thought that, many millennia ago, the ancestors of the Aoshanti species were predators who hunted high over the mountain peaks of Lessos. However, after the cataclysmic ice age that suffocated most forms of life on the planet, the Aoshanti emerged an intelligent, bipedal race covered thickly in feathers and relying on complex tribal societies for survival. Their bones were thicker, they had completely lost the ability to fly, and they now moved on foot with great athleticism and speed. However, they lacked the brute strength of other animalia, resorting instead to maneuver, discipline, and guile to vanquish and thrive.

The Aoshanti typically believe themselves to have a special connection to the galaxy and its life, and galactic history as retold in their myths and stories has a tendency to bear this out.

The Free and Brave
  • Creator: Community
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Many
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Individualistic · Materialistic · Honorable

Invaders from beyond the edges of the Aoshtai Galaxy, the Tesar are a physically imposing species that arrived in great fleets of warships during the final tumultuous sunset of Aoshanti dominion over the galaxy around 15 000 years ago. Originally a war-like people, bitterly divided by tribal loyalties, the Tesar briefly united their exodus-fleets in order to strike several terrible blows against the ailing Empire, splitting entire provinces off from it for their own settlement. After the initial danger had passed however and the Old Empire collapsed in on itself, the dream of a united Tesar state collapsed with it.

Scattered across the galaxy in a variety of semifeudal realms, the Tesar had a cultural and political rennaisance between 13 000 and 11 000 years ago, before internecine warfare between the empowered warlords and the rising power of Aoshanti successor states such as the Ascendancy of the Broken Ring brought an end to the Tesar's age of galactic dominance. Today, there are few if any polities dominated culturally, politically, and demographically by the Tesar, and the species has once again returned to the margins of history.

Kasmira Metz.jpg

The Ubiquitous and Resilient

  • Creator: Community
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Many
  • Spacefaring: before 15 000 AR
  • Cultural Characteristics: Various

From the golden light of Aoshtai, to the expanses of Selten and beyond, the Human' race time after time proves itself to be worthy to stand among the other races of the Aegis Cluster. One of the most far-spread of peoples, it is hard to find a corner of the cluster which does not have even the ancient influence of humanity. The diversity of mankind as it stands, both physically and culturally, allows Humans to fill almost any niche that is offered, from conquerors to peaceful diplomats and everything in between.

It is unknown exactly where Humans arose and spread from, but what can be speculated that the first contact with humans with the Aegis Cluster at large was approximately thirty thousand years ago, where mankind spread across every place it found, making peace or war with such titular powers as the Aoshanti Empire of old. Ever since, humans have lived across the Cluster in relative normalcy with their surroundings, many factions of mankind rising to the occasions to form their own governments across known space.


Main Article: Lore/Calendar

There exist several different forms of timekeeping in the setting. They include:

Aoshanti/Post-Imperial Calendar: One of the most widely used, the Aoshanti calendar was derived from an ancient calendar used on the Aoshanti homeworld of Lessos. The original calendar was created by the Aoshanti Emperors as a reformed version of their calendar designed for galactic administration. The modern form of the calendar was created in the centuries after the fall of the Old Imperial capital world of Abzu to Niibairu raiders. It used the Fall of Abzu as year 0, making all dates before it as "ante ruinam," or "AR", and all dates after it as "post ruinam," or "PR".

New Aoshanti Calendar: A more recent innovation, the New Aoshanti Calendar, or NAC, sets its year zero as 14 584 Post Ruinam, which was the agreed upon start date for the setting by the real-life writers. It uses the same months, days, and other time lengths as the old calendar besides.

Karian Calendar: The Karian calendar is the calendar in use in the human nation of Karstedt. It uses the same years, months, and days as the Aoshanti calendar, though it has the founding of Herrath two thousand years before the present day as year 0. Year 1 in the New Aoshanti Calendar is 2334 in the Karian calendar.


Artificial Intelligence

Main Article: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines and software, as opposed to natural intelligence, which is demonstrated by humans and other lifeforms. Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals can be said to possess at least some rudimentary form of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is not to be confused with artificial consciousness, which is the subjective experience of being of an artificial intelligence, and not something which can be studied, measured, or categorized empirically.


Economics and Population

See: Megasystems, City worlds

Nations in Aoshtai, as a rule, generally do not exceed a population of 100 billion, with relatively few exceptions. Habitable planets also tend to be sparse, with nations having between one and a handful, depending on size. Much of the rest of a nation's territory may be empty or sparsely-inhabited, with spacer populations living aboard stations and outposts. Megastructures on the scale of ringworlds are also uncommon, due to the extreme difficulty and cost of such a project.


Main Article: Rhyan Religion

Religion is a common facet to the setting. While there are a multitude of religious faiths in-setting, the largest one in the Aoshtai Galaxy in particular is Rhyanism. Rhyanists worship what is thought to be the Aoshtai galaxy's 'guardian soul,' a being known as "Rhya," meaning "Mother" in ancient Aoshanti. Rhya is understood to be the intelligent creator, guide, and protector of all life in the galaxy. While Rhyanism is ostensibly a monotheistic religion, with a well-organised structure and hierarchy, the truth of the matter is that the religion is extremely diverse depending on the culture in which it resides, with different doctrines, beliefs, and pantheons of saints and minor gods accompanying the central tenets and deity.

Miscellaneous Common Technology

Listed here are short descriptions of the various common technologies that can be found in the Aoshtai Galaxy and greater Aegis Cluster. These technologies are nearly ubiquitous, and many are essential to the continuing function of interstellar societies in the Cluster. Such technology has become so common either through a multitude of independent inventions of it, or via its mass proliferation through the galaxies as a legacy of larger empires, such as the old Aoshanti Empire, or both.

  • Quantum Breach Drive - Also called a hyperdrive or a QBD, this is a shipboard device which uses an immense amount of power to temporarily tear open a point in spacetime through which the ship can enter the Etheric Plane, travelling interstellar distances quickly. See Etheric Plane or the above section on FTL travel for more information.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Also sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines and software, as opposed to natural intelligence, which is demonstrated by humans and other lifeforms. Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals can be said to possess at least some rudimentary form of artificial intelligence. For more information, see Artificial Intelligence.
  • Antimatter - Also called Amat, this is an extremely volatile class of material which annihilates itself upon contact with ordinary matter. Antimatter has a variety of uses as a fuel, a propellant, and as a weapon of war due to its unique physical properties. The production, transport, sale, and use of antimatter is heavily regulated in most countries. Typically, antimatter is produced by gigantic particle colliders, and is stored in heavily-secured facilities. Both of these facilities are typically located in deep space, so as to reduce the risk of an industrial accident causing a deadly catastrophe. Amat freighters typically cannot enter inhabited systems whatsoever, and have to abide by strict flight paths and are often under police or military escort for much of their journey to deter piracy or terrorism. Antimatter's use as a fuel in ships is restricted as much as possible, with as many ships as practical often being instead equipped with much safer and less energetic fusion, fission, or chemical drives.
  • Hardlight - Also called photonic blades, hardlight blades leverage a type of exotic matter formed by freezing photons in place in a matrix-like pattern which allows for extremely intricate and precise projected constructs. Hardlight blades use this technology in order to create blade edges and tips which are only a few atoms thick, meaning that they can cut through just about anything at the molecular level.
  • Powered Armor - A suit of powered armor, otherwise referred to as power armor, a powered exoskeleton, mech suit, hardsuit, or exoframe, refers to a broad category of augmented armors commonly used by the nations and organizations of the Aegis Cluster. The term generally applies to suits of armor which incorporate some form of motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, and other technologies to support a wearer's movement, amplify their strength, and provide varying amounts of added bulk and body protection. They can range from light exoskeletons worn over light body suits to fully-sized armored walkers.
  • Empyrean Power Crystals - Empyrean Power Crystals, also referred to as empyrean crystals or empyrean orbs, are a form of portable power sources created by the Ancient Aoshanti to power most of their technology and devices. They are steady and reliable sources of energy which never run out, but the means of making them has since been lost to time.
  • Cubits - The cubit (𝔛) is an ancient cryptocurrency created by the Aoshanti Empire commonly used in international exchanges. It is minted and stored on very specific hardware and carried around on small flash drives. Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in publicly accessible ledgers called blockchains. While most states maintain a domestic currency, cubits are the primary means of international exchange and wealth calculation.