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Aoshtai Wiki allows users to create new galaxies and star formations to act as settings for fiction, but there are some rules as to how this can be done. The general principle is that the size of galaxies scale with the number of people actively involved with them, and the larger the galaxy, the greater the amount of community and staff oversight.

Galaxies may either be canon lore or world lore. Canon galaxies are the big galaxies where anyone can join. They are considered to belong to the community and must be administered according to certain rules and standards with staff oversight. World galaxies are private playgrounds, allowing for users to try narrower ideas and to have total creative control over their settings within the framework of the site lore.

World Galaxies

World galaxies are the private playgrounds of the users who created them. They tend to be small, though their owners have total creative control inside of them. This means that users may create galaxies up to the size of the Milky Way (100,000 LY in diameter) without the need for admin oversight. World galaxies must abide by the rules, lore, physics, and cosmology of Aoshtai and must be satellites of one of canon galaxies.

People Involved Playable Area
1 15,000 LY
2 30,000 LY
3 45,000 LY
4 60,000 LY
5 75,000 LY
6 100,000 LY

Canon Galaxies

Canon galaxies are galaxies which are larger than the Milky Way, ranging all the way up to a galaxy the size of Aoshtai. Due to their size and importance, these galaxies must be administered with staff consultation and with an ethic of openness. In order to create a canon galaxy, a user must start with five people dedicated to the project.

Those administering canon galaxies become galaxy coordinators and they must:

  1. Create a setting which allows for other users to create fiction within it on equal footing with theirs.
  2. Allow room within the galactic lore for the ideas, lore, and creativity of others. In other words, whereas a world galaxy might have a strong and unified theme, canon galaxies will tend to be more diverse.
  3. Not turn away anyone who wants to create fiction in the galaxy, except to the extent that they are being disruptive and not abiding by site norms (staff consultation is required before rejecting somebody).
  4. Canon galaxies must, during the period of the Aoshanti Empire, have in total or in part fallen under the dominion of the Aoshanti Empire.
People Involved Playable Area
5 100,000 LY
6 120,000 LY
7 140,000 LY
8 160,000 LY
9 180,000 LY
10 200,000 LY

Creating Galaxies

In order to create a new galaxy, opt into the administrative channels in #🛠channel-options in our Discord server. Scroll down to the bottom and start a conversation in #💬main about what you would like to do. We'd be happy to help you! No question is too simple or basic.

Once you have the approval of Etzan, the project lead, the simplest way to create a galaxy is to copy the infobox of an existing galaxy and start writing. Depending on how many people you managed to get on board to work with you on the project, you may make your galaxy of the sizes outlined in the tables above.

However, if you would like your galaxy to be larger in the future but do not currently have the people to do it, you may create a galaxy of a larger size. The playable area will be restricted to whatever is equivalent for the number of players you currently have. So for example, if you want to create a world galaxy which, in lore, is 100,000 LY in diameter, but only have yourself and one other person working on it, then you may only use 30,000 LY of that space. The rest is covered in a fog of war which will be uncovered as more people join and expand the playable area.


The infobox template to create a galaxy uses the following code:

{{Infobox fiction galaxy
|name        =
|image       =
|creator     =
|type        =
|age         =
|inhabitants =
|diameter    =
|thickness   =
|neighbours  =
|affiliation =
|status      =