Aoshtai Wiki

It may sometimes be necessary to resolve fights between characters using rolls and stats. In these instances, the following system is available.

Fighting a One-on-one Duel

  • The code to roll a d20 is “!roll 1d20+(modifier)”
  • The attacker rolls first to attack, then the defender rolls to defend. If the attacker’s roll is higher, the defender loses 1 HP.
  • If the defender’s roll is equal or higher to the attacker’s roll, that is considered a parry.
  • Then, the defender rolls to counterattack and the attacker rolls to defend. The same rules apply to decide whether the defender scores a hit.

Victory and Defeat

  • The duel proceeds like this until one of the combatants reaches -1 HP. At this point, the character may retreat, have been disarmed, fall unconscious, surrender and accept capture, have become injured to the point where they cannot fight, or any other outcome decided by the player. This is the point at which the character is considered to have lost.
  • Characters with the "Grizzled Fighter" trait may be captured or killed by their opponents.
  • However, a character may continue to fight on even at -1 HP. In these scenarios, the character refuses their last chance to escape and decides to keep on fighting. They may continue to fight. However, if they reach -2 HP, they die.
  • Choosing to fight a duel to the death is highly dangerous and should not be done lightly, as it could result in the loss of a character.
  • If a character wins a duel at -1 HP, they are considered critically injured and must leave the battle to recover.

Group duels

Multiple characters may sometimes engage a single character. In these duels, it is always a group against a single character. The characters who ganged up on their one opponent will roll to attack as normal (1d20+(combat bonus)). The defender will then roll to defend, though their combat bonus will be divided by the number of people attacking them simultaneously. Then, the defender may choose either to attack one person with their whole combat bonus or attack multiple people and divide their combat bonus between them.