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The Aegis Cluster Awaits Welcome to Aoshtai!

The Aegis Cluster is an entirely made-up world, full of life, struggle, and mystery. Through collaboration and compromise, we of Aoshtai Wiki have pooled together our creative energies to create a vibrant, interconnected, and intuitive fiction setting.

We welcome all writing forms and themes. Interested in building a vast, interstellar empire? You can do that here. Burning to write an epic science fiction adventure that combines magic, dragons, and giant death robots? You can do that too. Our purpose as a wiki is to provide the overhead: a setting whose rules are easy to grasp and apply in many different ways across a wide variety of stories.

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Galaxy Spiral Black.png REALMS

The Aegis Cluster is a vast region of space home to many galaxies and other star formations. These serve as the primary setting for fiction, either in enormous collaborative environments like the Aoshtai Galaxy home to more than a dozen collaborators, or more private single-writer realms which tend to be smaller.

Writers may create galaxies at any time, though they are strongly encouraged to read the rules governing such things.


Join us and contribute to this writing community! Everyone is free to create a new page or edit any existing one. Questions about wiki editing should be directed towards the administrators.


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